Shopping Spree

In our world, there is only one thing that can make us light up like a child on Christmas; shopping at REI.

This evening we (Dave, Josh, and Murph) decided to upgrade and replace some of our gear. After a quick $422 and a quick trip to Chipotle, we were all set for our next weekend adventure, which, coincidentally is coming very quickly.


In late February, 2018, we decided to completely redesign the website.  Sometimes the best way to move forward is to erase the past and build again.  From time-to-time we will upload older archived blog posts.  In the interim, we will be adding to our new YouTube page and trying to get with the times…

Most people have switched to video blogging and we have a ton of videos from our travels with nothing to do with any of it.  Until now…

Weather the Weather

We are less than two weeks out from our next adventure.  It is worth mentioning, as few people talk about it, the weather.  Motorcycling brings storms; rain, snow, lightning, wind, etc.  Being prepared for them is being ahead of the game.

It is more than just preparing for a little bit of water, falling from the sky.  It is about being prepared to handle the worst case scenario.  Not only will you have to battle the elements if you are caught in them, you will have to battle yourself.  Be mindful of fatigue and ego.  Know when it is time to pull over and seek shelter.  It isn’t worth getting tired, complacent, and then making a mistake on two wheels.

Be prepared to weather the weather.  Sometimes that means staying put for a bit.  Sometimes that means strapping on a rain suit and powering through.  Don’t let the ego make the decision.

Forward Momentum

Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward.

I find that the above quote is fitting.  Motorcycles do not have a gear for “Reverse” (with the exception of a Honda and now a BMW).  Moving forward is the only option. Keeping balance, poise and security in the surroundings.

Maybe that is what keeps me addicted.  Endless miles, no looking back.  If a mistake is made out here, it can be deadly.  There is no second guessing.  No second chances.  Only moving forward…